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Why I'm Leaving Facebook...For Good This Time

Updated: Oct 11

I posted a J6 / 2020 election fraud link

My last day on Facebook is December 31. I'm leaving for reasons of conscience and principle. Most people I know will agree with what I have to say here...I just hope everyone who knows the truth eventually acts on their convictions to put this platform behind them.

Dysfunctional relationships I’ve had an on-off relationship with Facebook since 2009. In the early days, I thought FB was legit. It was a good place to "meet up" with local friends and find new ones across the nation and the world. I took silly surveys and joined ridiculous sponsored pages all in fun. The app was user friendly and I enjoyed the atmosphere. So, what went wrong?

Over the past few years, I've deleted my FB account on several occasions due to time management struggles and dodging friend requests from "skeletons." Prior to achieving a healthy level of contentment, I found myself irritated (okay, pissed off) by all the relationship status changes and couple things, family vacations, first-time homeowners, etc...Then, there were feelings of rejection when no one hit like, heart, or commented on my posts. Essentially, I wasn’t winning at life and I was reminded of this fact every time I took a scroll. FB officially became a toxic environment for me.

I don't appreciate the FB newsfeed replacing nearly all other forms of communication. Americans are more socially and investigatively lazy than ever before, not to mention the illusion of having a wide range of acceptance from strangers. For nearly 12 years, I purposely suppressed my friends list, peaking around 200. About 10% - 20% are people I talk to in real life and only about 5% of that portion interacts with my posts. I'm burnt out on trying to know others and be known through memes and highlights. If I'm being brutally honest, leaving FB won't positively or negatively impact any of my relationships. Everyone is welcome to call/text, email, see me at church, or subscribe to bigviewsmallwindow.com.

If you really want to prove how much you "friend" me, you'll make time to meet face-to-face.

First Amendment violations When FB started heavily censoring dissenting opinions and banning crucial conversations, it was obvious the company had lost its way. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and his snowflake entourage, showed no restraint in pushing progressive propaganda, manipulating algorithms to stifle information, and excommunicating a sitting President. The absurdity is only extenuated by allowing sexual predators and extremist groups to have a voice on the platform.

Prior to my personal (patriotic) awakening, I gave no thought to the tenets or the dangers of violating the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. When I received a warning for a private group post, experienced a temporary lockout, found broken links on my wall, and saw "fact-check" shields on shared content, then I developed personal convictions that outweighed my desire to stay connected over the application. If I can’t speak freely and listen to varying opinions, then I choose not to be part of the network at all.

I realize my decision could be viewed as “self-censorship” and perhaps I should ride it out until I’m officially canceled. Well, when I considered this, I arrived at the same conclusion: FB is not worth the time, the effort, or the anxiety of creating future posts. From staged whistleblowers inciting government clampdowns to Zuckerberg’s audacious rebranding, it's clear FB (now Meta) has gone downhill and over a cliff. The site is merely a political hack job, a PC machine for China, the Democratic Party, and a rogue U.S. Congress.

Is there (virtual) life beyond Facebook? In its typical, good-for-nothing fashion, the mainstream media purposely failed to report Facebook’s confession during a lawsuit recently brought by a TV journalist. The Federalist quoted the platform saying, “The [fact-check] labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory; to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion…the challenged statements on the those pages are likewise neither false nor defamatory…though [Facebook] has designed its platforms so that fact-checker ratings appear next to the content…it does not contribute to the substance of those ratings.”

Basically, after defaming conservatives, ruining small businesses, and keeping millions of users in the dark, FB was forced to admit under oath that the “fact checks” are nothing more than politically biased opinions aimed at censoring independent voices (we already knew this!). Everyone who lost their reputation or livelihood should be able to sue FB for defamation and damages. I pray the shield of protections found in Section 230 will someday be removed so people can fight back against online oppression.

While Facebook is still one of the best platforms in terms of connectivity and getting a personal marketing page up and running in minutes, it’s not the end-all-be-all of social media. Of course, hopes were dashed when Frank Speech flopped. Like many others, I tried Parler for a hot second before the Silicon Valley bullies drove it into an early grave. Gab was full of bitter, rude, right-wingers and MeWe was like walking alone through a fun-house. Branching out is rough, but there's hope for conservative voices to make a comeback in the near future.

Until further notice, I'll be on Gettr.com - @BigView2020. I also joined the waiting list for Trump’s new platform Truth Social. I hope to see you there soon! Look for @WritingWoman84.

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