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This is What Fear Looks Like

Updated: Aug 11

Donald J. Trump; Photo source: New York Times Magazine

Two failed impeachments. Clean tax records. No relevant business dealings in China. We The People didn't watch the J6 Commission hearings, but for entertainment. Media propaganda and censorship are not working. Polls are still in his favor. Thousands are descending upon his rallies. Everything he decried about far-left radicals and spineless right-wingers is proving true. And he has the audacity to run for President again in 2024. A weaponized FBI, sent to raid Trump's home while he's away on business, was their only option. - This, ladies and gentlemen, is what fear looks like.

Raid on every American

I've studied socialist and communist systems enough to discern where the United States is headed. Everything is in place - failing economy; increased debt; high energy prices; food shortages; open borders; recurring violence; funding foreign wars; two generations successfully brainwashed to hate America and themselves; otherwise intelligent people convinced our society is systemically racist; sexual deviance, rebellion, and perversion; "good person" religion, false gospels, and fairy tale prophecies sounding off; a lack of self control and no conviction. This isn't even the half of it.

Unprecedented, theatrical raids on well-known conservatives have been going on for awhile now. Recent constitutional rights violations include James O'Keefe (Project Veritas), Steve Bannon (War Room), Peter Navarro and who can forget the midnight blitz on Roger Stone. Meanwhile, ghouls like Hunter Biden, Brian Auten (FBI), Merrick Garland (US Attorney General) and Dr. Anthony Fauci go on undisturbed, despite their criminal history. The latter are shielded from scrutiny, emerging in headlines only when it's suitable to manipulate the conscience of unsuspecting Americans.

Conspiracy theorists (ironically more accurate than some so-called prophets) were right about the government's agenda from hell; the issue was in trying to convince us before we were ready to know. The raid on Pres. Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, sends a message to all Americans - if you get in the way of the New World Order, the elites will do everything in their power to try and take you out. Political games are nothing new, but it was the 2016 Trump Presidency that exposed every reprobate Democrat and Republican for what they are. We now see how they're working together to overthrow the American people. For those who want to conserve the values of this great country, the raids are starting to feel personal.

Are we getting it yet?

At first glance, the primetime drama appears to be all about Trump. In reality, this is about the soul of our nation. When all is said and done, will we be free people or will we be communists? Do we believe in the rule of law (U.S. Constitution) or are we a liberal democracy? Is the American Dream achieved by hard work, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit or is the federal government responsible for our welfare? Should we think, vote and act in ways that protect our God-given rights or should we obey and trust unelected bureaucrats to control our daily lives?

If you're not asking these kinds of questions - or if you're still arguing over who won the 2020 election, if you're still mad at friends and relatives who refuse to wear a mask or get vaccinated, if you're still looking for Trump to swoop in at any moment and save us from what's coming - then you're not awake yet. Some are turned off by what's happening in the political sphere, but a remnant can see the warfare in the spiritual realm. The life and death battle of every nation is always fought in two places: government and church. Study world history and you'll be hard-pressed to find otherwise.

While unbelievers are consumed with preserving the American way of life, many Christians have their heads in the sand, praying for God to take care of whatever is going on out there. I'll spare you the parallels of David and Goliath, parting the Red Sea, and calling down fire on the servants of Baal. We know these stories well enough, especially since self-proclaimed prophets are announcing a reckoning on a daily basis. My friends, Goliath hasn't fallen yet, we haven't crossed over, and the slaves of our immortal enemy are still in power. We can't check out in the heat of conflict.

On the horizon

I wonder how many Americans are still offended by Trump's Tweets, vulgarities, and pride. Do soft-on-corruption voters still hold to a docile, polite and socially appropriate leader? Is division still a crime of inconvenience, even while it exposes traitors, lawlessness, insanity and lies? Have the hyper-political, Christian nationalists (as we're so-called) pinned too much hope on one person? Did God really choose Trump for such a time as this? The answers to these questions will depend on your worldview.

Donald Trump is not a savior or a king, but he is the man of the hour. Since our government structure demands a President, we need the foresight to elect one who will uphold the Constitution, keep us from national bankruptcy, secure our borders and stand up to foreign powers that despise Western freedoms. The Trump administration temporarily shielded us from an unseen enemy now manifesting in every institution, all over the world. Thankfully, there's still time to repent for the sins we've committed in this land, to become civically engaged, to dispel lies and educate ourselves.

For believers, this means we stop listening to those falsely prophesying a coup against the Biden administration to reinstate Trump any day now. Instead, we tune into those who possess supernatural knowledge of the character and ways of God, along with the natural ability to put their finger on the pulse of this nation. Yes, we need divine intervention, but not in the form of an instantaneous miracle that can be overthrown on the next battlefront. Pray for the systematic exposure of every coward, an overturning of every unbiblical law, and a working out of every minute detail. Also, Christians need to come outside the four walls and vote righteously at the appointed times. In this way, we can secure a sustained victory for generations to come.


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