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The Phrase and the Organization

Updated: Oct 18

I've heard it said, "I agree with the phrase, but I don't support the organization." I believe there's no separating the two since the phrase and organization represent the same political agenda and ideology.

Why make the statement, "black lives matter," when we know ALL human beings have EQUAL value in God's eyes? Black people are not inferior or superior to any other group of people. If you disagree, then you have a personal problem and I'm telling you, you're wrong.


Using the Oxford Dictionary, I defined the following terms:

  • system (n): complex whole; set of connected things or parts; organized arrangement; network; method; scheme of procedure or classification

  • systematic (adj): methodical; according to a system; regular; deliberate; well-organized; habitual; persistent

  • racism (n): belief in the superiority of a particular race; prejudice; bigotry; antagonism toward other races

Based on the above definitions, America is not a systemically racist society. Our institutions no longer operate by "color codes." We don't have segregated entrances, restrooms, or water fountains. Black people are not forced to the back of any line or made to wait until others have been served. Of course, we cannot deny what took place in the United States - slavery and violent hatred were a reality. However, we should reject toxic doctrines, like The 1619 Project, that "reimagine" our history through a victimized lens. We're not dealing with these issues in the same way today. What once was is no more.

As a black woman in America, I've hardly had grounds to suspect unfair or unequal treatment. Even if I could prove such a thing, I wouldn't riot in the streets and burn down black-owned businesses and neighborhoods. That's stupid. Rather, I would take my case to the Supreme Court and demand full liberties under the Bill of Rights and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Now, are there still instances of racial tension or prejudice? Yes. In every society and identity group, there's always an ignorant few who perpetuate cycles of hatred, for whatever reason. We should approach these matters with a sound mind, evaluate each circumstance on individual merit, and avoid emotionally attaching ourselves to realities that are not our own.

Branding someone (or an entire country) as racist is a serious charge. You better have more than a "feeling" or secondhand testimonies to validate your claims. Otherwise, you'll be fooled into taking offense on behalf of someone you think is incapable of discerning the truth - this can be perceived as prejudice in and of itself. It's also foolish to step in and defend a person or group against a threat you've never faced - this can be perceived as having an entitlement (or privileged) mentality. Do we see how the psychology of false cultural messaging can blind us?


Black lives matter - the phrase and the organization - has NOTHING to do with black Americans. BLM's margin of affiliation with any "community of color" is net 0%. BLM is purely an anti-God, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-common sense faction that exploits painful past issues and incites violence to overthrow nations. Overthrow how you might ask? By "reversing" racial discrimination against white people, infiltrating institutions with critical race theory, and influencing legislation to strip societies of morality, freedom, and the rule of law.

Since BLM's mission and goals involve "reimagining" a world without white people, it thereby defines and embodies systemic racism. But pay close attention: this movement is not really about race - it's about tipping the balance of power in favor of lawlessness (this is an antichrist agenda). BLM is inspired and influenced by demonic, anarchist forces. Their vision statement says, "By achieving liberation, we envision a future that is fully divested from police, prisons, and all punishment paradigms to be replaced with investment into justice, joy, and culture." How DEMENTED is that!?

When we understand the psychological warfare behind the phrase, we'll never use it again. When we realize their definition of "equity" means destroying white people in order to elevate "people of color," we'll think twice about defending their cause. If we're wise, we won't be easily disturbed when we see mainstream media depicting black people as being "hunted" by police; we won't rally behind antagonistic slogans that demand we "fight for justice." Before you commit to doing something, educate yourself. Examine your thoughts and emotions to see whether they originate from your own lived experiences.


Did you know BLM is a communist-based, grassroots nonprofit that masquerades as a pro-black community foundation? Were you aware that BLM is part of a progressive global network? This is the "social justice" branch of a one-world system of government. BLM is no different from the LGBTQ ("equality") agenda, the pro-abortion ("reproductive rights") movement, open borders ("immigration reform"), gun safety ("gun control"), and climate change (total scam). Every ground-level socialist policy, "peace initiative", and pro-democratic organization is part of the same matrix; they share a common goal of disrupting intellectual, moral, and power structures. If you need further confirmation, follow the money.

I'll reiterate that the United States of America is not a systemically racist society. For those who believe otherwise, the burden of proof rests with them to present concrete, relevant evidence beyond hearsay or unrelated incidents of criminals encountering law enforcement. Feelings are irrelevant at this point. Our country, our freedoms, and our future are at stake. The truth is black Americans are one of the most successful people groups to rise after the abolition of slavery. If not for abortion, black-on-black crime, and Democratic policies (i.e. welfare), there would be more progress. No systemic oppression exists outside these issues, and the black community has no one to blame but itself.

Nothing is right or good about the organization or the phrase "black lives matter." Social justice doctrine is irreconcilable to Scripture and the Constitution. Two kinds of people will fail to experience the best America has to offer: those with a victim mentality and those who perpetrate lawlessness. We don't all start in the same place and our choices won't produce the same results. We're not all destined for wealth, stardom, or influence, but we all have an equal opportunity to achieve something. The best way to support, show solidarity, and honor black people is to treat them with the same dignity and respect as you would any human being. No more, no less.

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