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The Law of Attraction

My interview with the manager of a bed and breakfast in downtown Parkville, Missouri revealed the house was a historical landmark, and the hotel was one of a few businesses to occupy the structure. During the tour, I remember the house manager expressing gratitude after overcoming something significant in her life (a fatal disease, divorce, or another devastating event).

I also remember she didn't fully ascribe her victory to God, but believed many gods and gurus offered wisdom to humankind. For her, truth was found among various prophets and teachers, including Jesus Christ.

One clueless Christian

At the time of the interview, I wasn't aware of this new age, toxic positivity sweeping through popular culture, but I was curious enough to hear her out. Since I didn't (still don't) keep up with fads, I knew nothing about attracting or "manifesting" something by aligning my thoughts with the universe. Up to this point, I either found a way to get what I wanted or, if it was out of my reach, I prayed and asked God if it was His will that I have that thing. Now, of course, I wasn't believing God for a mansion or millions of dollars (that I didn't have to work for), so I didn't know I was missing out. And other than some delayed answers to prayer, I felt my faith-based relationship with the Creator of said universe was working exactly the way the Bible said it would.

Who knew there was more than what the Almighty revealed? This reminds of a conversation between a serpent and a naive, disobedient woman who lived in a Garden...

Outside of watching a few Oprah clips and YouTube videos, I never read The Secret or listened to the CD the lady gave me. I discerned the concepts and ideas were derived from Buddhism and some other school of ascension teachings. To avoid developing a self-help mentality, potentially bypassing legitimate prayer, and worshiping false gods, I threw the commentary and literature in the trash. Had I known better, I wouldn't have allowed the innkeeper to gift me with nonsense in the first place.

Think positive and positive will happen

"You control your own destiny."

"Think it, believe it, and it will happen."

"Put out positive or negative energy and that's what you'll get in return."

The Law of Attraction is dangerous in that it strips away the spiritual realities of God and the devil, heaven and hell, sin and redemption, and replaces biblical theology with metaphysical philosophy. While it's true that our thoughts and words powerfully affect our emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual wellbeing - and this, in turn, affects our lives- humans are not designed to worship or commune with the universe. When our identity is severed from the Creator, it then becomes possible to elevate oneself to a god-like status in the mind and, thereby, manifest or will something into existence.

We shouldn't let desperation, fear, or indifference drive us to search for power outside of the power of God; and we shouldn't converse with any spirit other than the Holy Spirit. Chasing after positivity without anchoring ourselves in absolute truth makes us susceptible to harmful spiritual influences, corruption, and possibly demonic possession. Rather than trying to think abstract things into physical existence, it's better to meditate and focus on eternal things (see Phil. 4:8; Col. 3:2).

Health, wealth, and prosperity

I've noticed those who come against new age ideologies tend to include the infamous health, wealth, and prosperity gospel in their lineup of cults and false religions. Long before present generations figured out how to harness power from time, space, and matter, the mystics and experientialists were preaching and teaching these things from a legitimate perspective. The word-faith, or name-it-claim-it, movement that crept into the prophetic church some time ago is not without fault, but the crazies cannot delegitimize restoration, healing, and supernatural blessings that do come from God.

The difference between seeking the Lord and seeking a blessing is discernable (see Matt. 6:33) and Christians should take the time to get it right. On one hand, if you don't believe miracles are for today, then I pray you never need one because they do require faith. On the other hand, thinking we can do or have or be anything we put our minds to may sound encouraging and uplifting, but we better beware of using mental ascension to get stuff while neglecting the condition of our soul (see Mark 8:36).


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