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Roe v. Wade is Dead!

Updated: Jul 7

After 50 years of violence and bloodshed,

Roe v Wade is F I N A L L Y overturned!!!

COMING of age in the late 90s, I learned about Roe v. Wade in my high school "health" education class. The curriculum included talks on STDs and safe sex, the in-person testimony of an HIV positive man, and a documentary called "Silent Scream." The film (I recently watched after 20 years) shows an abortion via ultrasound. You can clearly see the baby fighting for its life - at one point, the mouth opens in a literal silent scream - as it's being dismembered.

IN those days, I knew several unmarried women (some with multiple children by multiple men) who struggled with single motherhood. Regardless of how their kids were conceived, or how hard life was, abortion didn't come up in our conversations. I simply thought it was something no one would seriously consider.

EVENTUALLY, I saw how perpetual pregnancy, raising illegitimate children, and living on some form of government assistance was/is an epidemic among women in the black community. The reality of this fact is surpassed only by the number of black women who abort their pregnancies (history shows Planned Parenthood is rooted in controlling the black American population. Read more here.) Turns out abortions were happening but no one talked about it openly.

PRIOR to becoming a born again follower of Jesus Christ, I did not affirm a pro-life stance on unplanned pregnancies. It's possible I would've considered an abortion if I found out I was pregnant by the wrong guy (hint: they're ALL the wrong guy if they aren't willing to wait until marriage to have sex with you).

I recently heard testimonies from two women:

ONE young lady - whom I'll call "Lily" - told the story of how she struggled with her Christian beliefs for several months before finally walking away and wandering into a party lifestyle. Unfortunate circumstances led to a sexually assault that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. A trusted relative told Lily she had "options" and encouraged her to schedule an abortion. On her way to the appointment, Lily crossed paths with a pro-life protester. She said the woman convinced her to get a free ultrasound from a clinic nearby instead of paying the fee to Planned Parenthood.

AFTER hearing the heartbeat, Lily cancelled the abortion but she didn't want to keep the baby or know the gender. She contacted an adoption agency and a qualified family began accompanying her to prenatal appointments. In her final trimester, a nurse accidentally revealed the gender. Thereafter, Lily also had a dream she later knew was God's way of telling her to keep her son. She stopped the adoption process (two years ago), recommitted her life to Christ, and is now married with a second son on the way.

ANOTHER woman - "Amy" - was living a hard fast life, addicted to drugs, and battling legal issues. Inevitably, she became pregnant. Although Amy was in a long-term relationship with the father-to-be, she chose to have an abortion. Contrary to the celebrations of bodily autonomy and freedom we hear about in the culture, Amy was not loud and proud of her decision. She was trapped in a deadly cycle and thought it wouldn't be fair to bring a kid into a hostile and unpredictable situation. She eventually got saved, got clean, and got married (to her then boyfriend). After several years of heartache, miscarriage, and prayer, they were finally able to conceive again.

REGARDLESS of circumstances surrounding conception, the unborn never ceases to be human life. And as far as "happy endings" go, the women above are exceptions; there are real risks involved with having children but abortion always results in death. The good news is that God is gracious and merciful, faith in Jesus Christ leads to a new life free from shame and condemnation.

FRIDAY, June 24, 2022, was a pivotal point in our nation's history. This is the day healing, restoration, and a renewed covenant with God became a central part of the American Dream. More babies will live now that Roe v. Wade is dead!

FOREVER pro-life!


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