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Queens in the Pulpit

Updated: Jul 2

I'm watching and waiting for believers to unite corporately, in one mind and one accord, to locally and nationally protest the invasion of perversion that's happening in America. Christians should be morally outraged at the displays of wickedness manifesting in government, in schools, and now in (supposedly) Bible-based churches.

Craig Duke former pastor of Newburgh United Methodist Church

Loving the world

Craig Duke, a pastor from Newburgh, Indiana, lost his ministry and reputation after a misguided attempt to empathize with present generation identity struggles. He was forced to resign following his role in an HBO special where he dressed in drag "to share a message of God's unconditional love and [to] support his daughter, who identifies as pansexual," according to the New York Times.

Duke told the Times, "'I experienced as much love and acceptance, and dare I say more, within the drag culture and the LGBTQ community than most people would experience within the setting of the church. Not one person questioned what I was doing there; it was complete acceptance.'" The Times also said, "The pastor's supporters created an online fundraiser...to help his family [establish] a new faith community in town that he hopes is more inclusive. [Duke] said he was grateful for his experience in drag."

Openly expressing an alternate sexuality reveals the heart of a very confused man who has no business mounting any pulpit. I dare say his daughter isn't the only one with identity issues. Sadly, coming out as an ally is not uncommon within the United Methodist Church. After several decades of dissension and disunity, UMC leaders are seeking an organizational split (over LGBTQ issues, including same-sex marriage and ordaining homosexual church leaders). The proposed separation will be up for debate during a general conference in August.

The god of rebels

Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, South Carolina actively seeks Bible-reading transvestites to lead Sunday morning services. The Slate magazine said, "Patrick Preacher, who is the queer and justice coordinator at the church...has been in [his] job since January. [The leaders] decided they needed a paid staff person to head up [an outreach] ministry they've had for more than five years...Preacher works not only with the queer community, but also helps feed the hungry and meet the needs of people who live...next door to the church."

Display outside Trinity Lutheran Church

Preacher helped organize a service in April that blew up the internet. According to Slate, a drag queen visited Trinity and spoke on the woman at the well (found in John 4), using the message as a demonstration of Jesus' love and acceptance for all. A banner on Trinity's website proclaims they are "passionate about being a congregation that welcomes, includes, accepts, affirms, embraces, and celebrates all people." (Nevermind that stuff about sin, purity, or upholding biblical standards of righteousness.)

When I viewed the welcome video on Trinity's homepage, I wasn't surprised to hear senior pastor Susan Crowell describe the church as a "progressive Christian community that deeply values diversity, inclusion, and hospitality." She wants those who struggle with "church hurt", addiction, and sexual identity to come and make themselves at home. Translation: Trinity and Crowell offer hope, comfort, healing, a place to connect and belong...all while your soul is headed straight to hell...and God loves everyone.

The devil doesn't really need to dress in drag when he can easily manifest in a warmhearted, compromised, smiling preacher.

Jesus is not an ally

I'm convinced John 3:16 is quoted out of context more than any other Scripture. God's love for the world in this verse refers to the planet of humans, enslaved to sin, bound under the law, and in need of Savior to restore eternal fellowship. The Lord is holy and wholly opposed to loving the world mentioned in 1 John 2:15-17. And we know Jesus did not coddle or reason with demons - He drove them out. So, it's an abomination to say God is tolerant or inclusive according to any definition the world gives. Ministers who preach this way will reap serious consequences (Gal. 6:7-8).

Every branch of Christianity is susceptible to fallacy. However, I've observed Methodism and Lutheranism have a particularly long history of struggling with division and reformation due to elevating religious traditions, rituals, and extra-biblical doctrines above the word of God. It's safe to assume, Newburgh and Trinity got off track once those pastors began teaching something outside the realm of Genesis to Revelation. When the Old and New Testament continually serve as our only source of truth, the Holy Spirit never leads us to affirm cross dressing (Deut. 22:5), homosexuality (Rom. 1:24-28;1 Tim. 1:9-10), or any ungodly thing (Rom. 3:23; Eph. 5:11).

God loves everyone is a true statement; God hates sin is also a true statement. Jesus talked and shared meals with sinners, but He never embraced or entertained their wickedness. In His compassion and concern, He did not compromise or default to popular methods to win the lost. If Christ didn't partner with the devil neither should His people (2 Cor. 6:14-15). End-time believers desperately need a revelation of biblical evangelism; it's imperative that we take an unapologetic stance against evil as we go about winning souls.

Reality check: The church is not a place to belong, it is a body into which we must be re-birthed. Also, the Body of Christ is not "inclusive", but exclusive - only those truly born again of the Holy Spirit are accepted, affirmed, and welcomed into the Kingdom of God (Jn. 3:3).


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