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Pray for the Death of Covid-19

Do you agree with the statement, "Well, covid is with us forever now like the flu"? Have you unfriended or argued with someone over masks, vaccines, social distancing, or going out in public?

It's unfortunate if you answered yes, but this is the psychological warfare Americans have been caught up in for the last two years. Without fully knowing why, we've become so passionate about other people's health...totally zealous about something we cannot control.

Disease is part of life

This is a true statement and there's no stopping the spread of this virus (nope, not even vaccines, boosters, and masks do the trick). Still, something is different about this particular parasite. I've never seen Americans so riddled with fear in my entire life. I blame mainstream media and corrupt health officials for spreading false information and enforcing senseless policies. One such policy I hope to never see again is the unscientific lockdowns (China's idea). Reports now reveal extreme isolation as the source of increased suicide rates, obesity, child and domestic abuse, and a host of psychological issues. Staying indoors did not prove to stem the rate of infection or death - we ruined our relationships, our economy, our freedoms...and we all got sick anyway.

Another idiotic policy is the invention of the Excelsior Pass. In New York, people are walking around with private healthcare information on their cell phones, flashing their vaccine status to avoid getting turned away from restaurants and booted off public transit. Do you know where vaccine passports are normal? In communist China! Rather than protest or resist communist measures, the majority of New Yorkers are complying, trading their freedom for a false sense of security. Not to mention, everyone seeking alternative medicine is now labeled "anti-vaxxers" simply because they don't (and shouldn't) trust the government to manage their personal healthcare.

And where are open debates on the true number of cases, deaths, and effective treatments for covid-19? Oh, yeah, that's right, all the naysayers are being cancelled! Health officials aren't holding any conferences or releasing any reports to help us process the destruction caused by bad covid policies. Shame on fake journalists for constantly stoking fear and spewing propaganda. Shame on so-called experts who deny legitimate scientific discoveries in order to promote pharmaceutical companies. Shame on lawmakers who suppress the truth for profit. These liars are the real disease we're stuck with!

Did you survive covid?

If you're still alive then you must know there's no returning to "normal." Pre-covid America is gone. Survivors have a responsibility to educate themselves about this disease and expose every tall tale we've been fed about how it spread, how it's treated, and the risk factors associated with vaccinations. We should care enough to arm ourselves with knowledge, push back against medical tyranny, support physicians who successfully eliminated the disease and the frontline workers who served during the fallout in 2020.

Everyone should want to know why the lab leak theory was censored despite overwhelming evidence that a leak from Wuhan Institute of Virology was the most likely culprit from the beginning. While decent people are being labeled "conspiracy theorists" for seeking out the truth, spineless world leaders are bowing to the Chinese Communist Party and rolling out red carpet for wicked fools like Dr. Fauci, the CDC and the WHO. Together, these reprobates funded and covered up the virus research that led to the creation and release of covid-19 from a bio weapons laboratory. We are doomed as a people if we believe our only hope now is to comply with their unlawful mandates.

If you're reading this, don't be content to let someone else control your access to information. Stubbornly refuse to accept mainstream media manipulation as your source of truth. Don't mindlessly go along with something because life seems easier that way. Think of all the compliant, well-behaved, peacekeepers who occupied Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Moscow or Mao's Chinese revolution. There's a reason why we don't remember their names or retell their stories. Holding out your arm to take an injection "because the government said so", or to keep your job, has made cowards out of many strong people throughout history. Don't let it happen to you.

Speak death to covid until it's gone

While it's true some coronaviruses are endemic (i.e. common cold), the danger and threat of covid-19 cannot continue to dominate our minds. This is what the devil and powerful elites are hoping for, but we have to say no privately and publicly once we know the truth. Life after covid should not involve the federal government controlling and restricting our constitutional freedoms. God is still God, He's still sovereign over America, and He knows how many days we will spend on earth. So, make the most of your time here, don't live in unnecessary isolation and fear. Pray for others to be restored to health quickly and fully. Remember those who lost loved ones and, for goodness sake, practice kindness everywhere you go!

Remember this!?

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc for two years and I'm ready to see the end of it! I refuse to come into agreement with that opening line. A positive covid test is not the end of the world - it's a virus, humanity has survived more deadly things without medical intervention (i.e. Spanish flu, Black Death...it could always be worse).

Don't align yourself with the false narrative, keep a positive confession and heed common sense. There's no cure for any virus, but of course our bodies are designed to fight and become naturally immune to every disease it encounters. Give God more credit than your doctor!

Against all the odds, and with a fool's hope, I'll declare death to covid until every last variant is gone!


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