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Pray for Beth Moore

Former SBC teacher Beth Moore

Trump and the SBC

In early 2021, Moore announced her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). I can't say I entirely blame her.

The SBC has been drifting away from the Word of God in its bylaws and church policies for quite some time. Its underhanded business dealings have created a situation that requires some members and staff to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). In many corners of the Convention, they've gone fully "woke" in promoting critical race theory (communist doctrine) and reasoning same sex attraction is less sinful than homosexual acts. The organization also tries to maintain a strict religious tradition of solely ordaining male pastors...yet, they've profited off Moore's ministry.

As the SBC is the largest mainstream, Protestant denomination in America, having a voice and platform on any level of the organization is a big deal. Financial reports show the SBC could literally feed and clothe every person in a moderate sized third-world country with change to spare. Baptist News Global wrote an article last year explaining why Moore left the SBC, stating, "What put her over the line can be summed up in two words: Donald Trump. While the SBC and its leaders have joined other white evangelicals in [admiration] of Trump and his politics. Moore has been a notable anti-Trumper. "

I don't understand Global's need to identify anyone by skin color, but I do understand why Christians don't like Trump (I'm so glad God doesn't require us to like our leaders!). When personality is preferred over policies, a "nice", "moral" person, who carefully avoids conflict, is more favorable than a mean person who causes division...even if the latter enacts laws that correspond to the Constitution. Say what you will about Trump's pride, past immorality, and Twitter feed, you can't identify how these things seriously destabilized the nation. Federally funded abortions, open borders for child sex trafficking, inflation, and prolonged usage of unlawful (and unscientific) medical mandates are all thanks to a nice guy and his socialist party.

Of course, America's current state of lawlessness can't be pinned on one person. However, we can easily identify the representative of a group of persons who care nothing for the United States or the Word of God. I'm just saying...

Politics aside, something is off

Baptist News Global also said, "[Moore's] Bible studies and books may be more [omnipresent] in SBC churches than Lifeway's...Sunday school curriculum. Her work has been so popular that one would be hard-pressed to find a Southern Baptist church in America that hadn't used one of her Bible studies in written or video form."

An author told the Global, "'Beth Moore leaving the [SBC] is the religion news equivalent to Prince Harry leaving the royal firm. A big and unthinkable deal." Aligning a minister with a worldly figure is not a good sign. Without being too legalistic and preachy, I'll just say, I can't recall a time when I seriously likened a spiritual leader to a celebrity I admire. From my perspective, this is not a compliment to Moore.

Another author reportedly tweeted, "If you can't keep a theological conservative who is as gifted, loyal, and generous as [Moore] in your theologically conservative denomination, you're probably doing something wrong.'" Uh, okay. Exactly when did Moore (not Jesus, not Scripture) become the standard of measurement for a Christian organization?

I can't help but wonder if Moore's influence boiled down to branding and business contracts. I mean, would a strictly all-male leadership board allow a woman to publicly represent their denomination and make a name for herself in the process? And as far as marketing and advertising goes, was Moore really the "Moses" of the SBC, speaking nothing but profound things every time she mounted a pulpit or published a book - even to the point that her material was more popular than the Bible!?

Hmm...seems to me a deal was worked out (likely sealed with an NDA).

Moore unhinged

Over the last several years, Moore has posted some questionable content on her social media. She's lashed out against unvaccinated and pro-Trump Christians, railed against male pastors, changed her stance on dressing immodestly as a form of female expression, and she apparently (or unknowingly) identifies with the left's feminist movement (Moore recorded a video wearing a t-shirt with a politicized slogan). I don't believe Moore has always presented this kind of message but I also can't discern the incident or the season of her life when something changed.

Whether or not Moore fully understands the implications of her tweets or the way she publicly disassociated from the SBC, she could definitely use a heart check. Finger-pointing, arguing with believers, and presenting her case against the Convention in a secular court of public opinion is not right. Her choices will eventually render serious consequences if she doesn't repent and begin handling things God's way (see Prov. 6:16, 19b; Matt. 18:15-17; 1 Cor. 6).

When viewed as isolated incidents, what I've mentioned may not amount to much. I'm not offended by Moore's differences of political opinion or her choice to follow woke doctrines. My concern is with her justifying sensuality, sewing discord and stirring up strife among the brethren, and openly defying those in authority. Without passing judgement on her as a person, one can simply observe that her present words and behaviors are inconsistent with her beliefs.

The standards of biblical and moral righteousness are exceptionally high for leaders, and especially for those who teach in the church (see Ja. 3:1-12). While there is grace for our humanity and mercy in dealing with our flesh, there's simply no room for willful disobedience and gross error.


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