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Politics on Biblical Terms

Updated: Mar 15

Left: Joe Biden (D); Right: Donald Trump (R)

Democrats and Republicans. Liberals and Conservatives. Progressives and Right-wingers. Which of these positions align with biblical principles?

Ideas from the left and right sides of the American government have led the nation in a downward spiral of lunacy. We are divided in the church and in society at large over whether unborn children are human beings, whether black people should live above the means of all other people groups, whether kindergartners can choose their gender, and whether government welfare programs should replace free markets.

Democratic platform

I wasn’t alive when John F. Kennedy occupied the White House, but I know level-headed, patriotic, small government Democrats like him are largely a thing of the past. Rule of law is dissolving into lawlessness and individual liberty is being reduced to collectivism. Its clear the left's agenda is to promote evil while persecuting those who care about what's legitimately good. This isn't to say there aren’t decent Democrats still hanging on to their dying party…I can think of one or two. Still, the ideology that comes from the left is wholly incompatible with Orthodox Judeo-Christian doctrine. Take the following examples:


To my knowledge, there’s not a single Democrat in Congress, or on the state or local level who fully advocates for the rights of the unborn. There are varying opinions on when abortion procedures should be used, but the idea that all human life should be protected is not a concept found on the left’s platform. Pro-abortion ideology runs through the entire party. So, regardless of whether a candidate takes a hard or soft stance on the issue, they will ultimately advocate for choice because their constituents demand it. For Christians to vote for any Democrat, they must remain ignorant, disregard, or outright deny Scriptures such as Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139, and the Sixth Commandment.

Open borders

The southern border of the United States is one of the most heinous humanitarian crises of my lifetime. Research reveals women and children of all ages are being trafficked as sex slaves, drug carriers, and forced labor workers. As well, an economic system where working class Americans fund reckless government spending on illegal immigration - effectively expanding the welfare state - is pure wickedness. One need only read God's Promised Land instructions, found in the Pentateuch and the Book of Joshua, to contrast the left’s foolish plots of national sovereignty giving way to a "global community." Every covenant God made with the Israelites involved territories and lands with secure borders.

Republican Platform

There’s an identity split happening on the opposite side of the aisle. A few years after Trump began exposing establishment RINOs (Republicans in name only), we're still watching spineless deceivers crawl out of their hiding places. No one should assume this party entirely advocates for We The People.


One major issue with mainstream Republicans is their die-hard lust for money. Since free enterprise is the byproduct of a liberated society, it is for this reason GOP officials are as preoccupied as the left with staying in power. Many Republicans have no conviction about voting for socialist legislation or shaking hands with blood-thirsty communists if it helps maintain an uninterrupted flow of wealth. In short, cowards on the right have sold out the nation for personal gain. Christians and conservatives should use good judgment when supporting Republicans who campaign on keeping our taxes and national debt low.

Pro-American, Pro-God

Conservative candidates are more likely to align with constitutional and biblical values. Typically, right-side ideology is pro-life, pro-small government, pro-individual sovereignty, and pro-First Amendment. A good majority of Republicans practice some form of religion (i.e. attend church), and increasingly we're hearing from those who identify as believers in Jesus Christ. Yet, this does not relieve anyone of their duty to administer scrutiny and discernment at the ballot box. The sin and insanity that's out-in-the-open on the left is often carefully concealed on the right.

Moderates/independents, believers/unbelievers who care about America's future - including your own families, friends, and investments - do well to join this fight on the side of the right.

Principles over party, policy over personality

Can Christians identify as Democrat? Sure, I know a few. They are CNN, MSNBC, and CBS watchers who trust information that comes from one direction. They are born again but deceived, straddling a line of compromise remedied only by inviting the Holy Spirit to convict them of what is true. Are all Republicans going to heaven? Absolutely not. Standards of biblical morality and righteousness supersede that of conservatism. There are many on the right who fall short and, because of their love for the things of this world, will never meet the faith requirements to be born again.

Every citizen has the responsibility of reading the summary and text of bills introduced by their favorite candidates. Don't be fooled by mainstream media propaganda, social media censorship, and smiling faces. Conduct your own research, form your own opinions, and keep communicating with those who may disagree with your perspective. This is how we stay unified against a tyrannical and greed-driven government. Salvation for America does not solely depend on those in power, but we want God to use those who align themselves with His principles and the Constitution.

Stop, think, and pray before you vote.


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