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Not On My Watch!

Portable marquee supporting the PUSD protest.

Six months ago, I gathered with parents and families in the Washington Elementary School District to protest mask mandates and medical segregation. Security guards were called, and we were forced to move our rally to a nearby park.

About two months ago, I sat in on a Peoria Unified School District (PUSD) board meeting. Some moments were so bizarre, I know I'll never forget them! I recorded my reaction here.

Tonight (04/07/22), I answered the call to stand with parents and families once again. As I approached the PUSD administration building, I was glad to see the protest was small and peaceful and Peoria police officers never had to exit their vehicle. In typical fashion, deceived ones flashed their "trans rights" signage and stared in our direction (literally the entire time), waiting for someone to engage.

The message that got me off the couch

Anthony Kern (candidate for AZ State Senate) pushed a notification to his volunteer staff and a church prayer group chat - I happen to be on both threads and saw the message soon after it was posted. The leaked email said:

Hello Fabulous Staff,

I just wanted to let you know that you may see our students wearing more pink, teal, and white today. Today is a quickly growing annual event called "International Transgender Day of Visibility." Our

President is expected to make some announcements today on a new legislature to protect the rights

of Trans students, and many of our students have taken a keen interest in these legislative movements. How can you help? If you notice a student purposefully wearing the colors of the trans flag, a simple "I see you" or "I support you" can go a long way.

Thank you fabulous staff!

The message was signed with Mx. (instead of Mrs. or Ms.) and with pronouns she/her; they/them.

This as I arrived outside PUSD's administration building. Thankfully, a non-hostile crowd.

In a matter of hours, several candidates running for school boards and Arizona's state legislature assembled to pray, pledge allegiance to the Flag, and speak openly about LGBT culture invading the elementary education system.

The protest was posted via Facebook live as no press covered the event. In my opinion, this was not newsworthy, but it meant the world to Peoria parents to have a strong, conservative, grassroots movement backing their efforts to protect their children.

Where I draw the line

I walked in rebellion for several years before accepting Christ, so I understand the so-called "freedom" many think they're enjoying. Now, I know better. Living enslaved to sin is not freedom - its bondage, it's chains of addiction, an intricate web of lies. Truly, this is a dark world where you, and everyone around you, is morally bankrupt and spiritually dead. I shudder to think how many times I came close to death.

If you want to live as the opposite sex or engage in perversion and promiscuity, that's your business, that's your life. You take responsibility for those actions, and you will stand in judgment if you don't repent before leaving this earth. Where I have a serious problem, though, is with the grooming and indoctrination of innocent children. Educators have no business affirming the sexual identity of seven, eight, and nine year olds - period. If the Christian religion is not permitted on campus, then gross LGBT doctrine certainly has no place. How fitting it was for Jesus to declare it's better to die than to hurt a child (see Matt. 18:6).

Books available on college campuses for elementary education case studies.

Let me be clear

I have love for people in the gay and trans community. I get it. I get wanting to break free, to be a nonconformist and a disrupter. I get the confusion, the longing for belonging, the pain of the past, suicidal thoughts, and all that they are running from. I would argue very few human experiences are without at least one of these struggles.

Furthermore, whether I agree with it or not, everyone has the freedom to choose how they express themselves. All human beings, regardless of their sexual orientation, are made in the image of God - dignity and identity come from Him, not our preferences and pronouns. Still, the issue persists in dismissing biological facts and absolute truths, opting instead to live a lie upheld by nothing more than one's feelings.

I would be remiss - even sinning against the Lord - if I denied Scripture to affirm this lifestyle, or any lifestyle that's contrary to the laws and wisdom of God. I am on the right side of this situation and I'm not moving. I pray for the lost and I'll welcome them into the kingdom of God whenever they're ready. Even so, I will continue to stand in opposition and confront the evil that's taking this generation captive.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places" (Eph. 6:12).


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