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Navigating the End-times (Pt. 1)

Updated: Jan 31

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You don't need to be a religious scholar or a master decoder of end-times prophecy to understand news headlines. It's actually very simple.

As we watch activities take place on earth, we can avoid both fear (fretting, panic buying) and indifference ("so what?") by learning to discern the spiritual reality behind key events. The Scriptures command us to be prayerful and watchful in these last days (see Matt. 26:41; Eph. 5:15-17).

Wars and rumors of wars

Jesus said, "You will hear of wars and rumors [or threats] of wars, but don't panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won't follow immediately. Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" (Matt. 24:6-7a).

For those who read, study, or follow teachers of biblical prophecy, it takes legitimate faith but little imagination to connect the dots. We are definitely in the last days and there's no stopping what's written from coming to pass. Since the Bible was penned, translated, and reprinted over the course of centuries, it's understandable how some will miss the obvious correlation between what the Savior prophesied and what's manifesting right before our eyes.

Don't be so quick to discount the following reports as "fake news" or see the details as a reason to stop living your life. Simply take heed of Christ's words and arm yourself with biblical knowledge to know the seasons and times we're stepping into.

BBC.com recently published an article with the headline: Ukraine: Boris Johnson warns Russia invasion would be disastrous. The article said, "Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned Russia that invading Ukraine would be 'disastrous' and a 'painful, violent and bloody business'...[and] the situation [is] 'pretty gloomy' but war was not inevitable." Furthermore, the BBC said, "Russia has denied plans for military action, but an estimated 100,000 troops have amassed on the border. The head of the [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] has warned of a risk of fresh conflict in Europe."

Al Jazeera published an article with the headline: Taiwan reports new large-scale Chinese air force incursion. The article says, "Taiwan has reported the largest incursion since October by China's air force into its air defence zone....China has stepped up pressure on Taiwan to accept its sovereignty claims. Taiwan's government says it wants peace but will defend itself if attacked."

Whether by providing foreign aid or directly deploying troops to assist with national defense, the United States is reportedly involved in both of these impending wars.

Famine, disease, and natural disasters

Jesus said, "And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places" (Matt. 24:7b).

Famines, diseases, and natural disasters have been occurring since the beginning of time. Between Genesis and Exodus, we read how a Flood, various plagues, and worldwide food shortages ended the lives of many people. The question is: why should we pay attention to those words in red today? Again, if we're reading headlines alongside the Scriptures, we will see signs of the end-times. The following examples are by no means an exhausted list.

  1. Food shortages: Consider a couple of statistics from Drought.gov dated Jan. 19-25: 46.14% of the U.S. and 55.20% of the lower 48 states are in drought; 195.2 million acres of crops in the U.S. are experiencing drought conditions. USA Today reported, "The shortages being reported nationwide are widespread, impacting produce and meat...Part of the scarcity...is due to pandemic trends that never abated [and supply chain issues]." Also, strict lockdowns in China are producing food shortages for more than 12 million people, according to Newfoodmagazine.com.

  2. Covid-19: This is the most recent pestilence to hit the globe (the fear of covid was a worse plague by far). Certain coronaviruses that exist in nature - namely in animals - rarely infect humans without direct contact. Within covid-19's genetic sequence is a spike protein that developed in an unnatural evolutionally leap from bats to humans. It's believed this virus was lab-enhanced to more easily invade human cells and shut down vital systems and organs. Here is one of my favorite sources that goes beyond what's available in mainstream media reports.

  3. Natural disasters: A quick Google search reveals 2021 was a very active period with 19 major earthquakes, three of which were over 8.0 magnitude. Just to name a few: 8.2 magnitude in Alaska (July 2021); 8.1 magnitude in New Zealand (March 2021); 7.3 magnitude in Indonesia (December 2021); 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti (Aug. 2021).

Tonga volcano eruption; view from space

"This is the second strong earthquake to hit the Pacific island after the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on 15 January, triggering a tsunami alert. The powerful underwater volcanic eruption was about a thousand times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima during the Second World War, according to Nasa." - The Independent.


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