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Affirmative Action on the Supreme Court

Supreme Court of the United States

Within 24-hours of Justice Stephen Breyer confirming his retirement from the Supreme Court, Biden announced his intentions to fulfill a campaign promise of appointing the first black woman to serve on the high court.

Biden reportedly said, "Our process is going to be rigorous, I will select the nominee, worthy of justice Breyer’s legacy of excellence and decency."

...Unless the nominee happens to be white and male.

Affirmative Action

The calendar shows it's 2022. For nearly six decades, black Americans have been given the same opportunities for success, they've exercised the same rights and enjoyed the same freedoms as every citizen. We won the fight for civil rights and society has evolved - nay, benefited! - from the talent, creativity, and innovation of free black people. Is our nation perfect? Far from it! Are we an endemically and systemically racist society? Absolutely not!

Members of the Democrat Party (the party of slavery and Jim Crow) are the ones who continually use racially charged narratives to push a radical agenda. For several decades, Democrats have worked hard every election cycle to rewrite history, desperately trying to remove the stains of hatred from their party. They won't stop until every white person is exposed as a supremacist and every black person is lifted out of the miry clay. Surely, we can all see by now the left's idea of equality is a joke.

A worldview that says the black community is a feeble, disadvantaged, codependent victim of racist policies - and their only remedy is a bigger democratic government - is pure ignorance. The left tells us it's not enough for black people to be treated equally, they need a "boost" (forced equity) to overcome past injustices. Thus, we ended up with workplace policies like Affirmative Action, which is essentially a grading curve, rounded down to eliminate competition and reward mediocrity. Perhaps at the inception of the Civil Rights Movement this kind of legislation was required to level the playing field. However, affirmative action, along with its employer incentives, was no longer necessary once a new precedent was set forth by the Judicial Branch [also see the Bakke decision (1978) and Adarand Constructors v. Pena (1995)].

I can't think of any reason why affirmative action is needed in the workplace today. Well, maybe in situations of "woke" culture where everyone is labeled according to some physical attribute? Indeed, that's where intense "diversity training" happens and identity issues are celebrated like national holidays.

The left hates when black conservatives make history

If you're familiar with American history, then you know Virginia was once ground zero for human trafficking in a newly formed nation. VirginiaHistory.org accounts for the state's grotesque slave practices between 1825-1860. Millions of black people were caught in Virginia's statewide slave trade after Congress abolished the international trade in 1808. This is evil, this is ugly, this is wrong, this is in our nation's past. Yet, our future is growing brighter!

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, R-VA

Winsome Sears is the conservative who recently won her race for Lieutenant Governor...in the state of Virginia! Imagine, less than two centuries ago, this was the slave trade capital of America. And now!? The first black woman in our nation's history was fairly and duly elected to serve as second in command! Even in the midst of fierce propaganda campaigns, this win proves American citizens are capable of choosing candidates based on merit and qualifications - no affirmative action needed.

Predictably, the left couldn't help but spew racist venom. One professor (who happens to be black) called Sears a "puppet of white supremacy"; said she was a "black mouth moving with white idea[s] running on the runway of her tongue..."; and insisted "the election of a woman of color with the [Republican] opinions that Sears holds is harmful to the black community." Is this not sick!? Who talks like that!? Worse, who talks like that about a member of their own community on national television?

Sears' victory is a win for all Americans and we should commemorate this for years to come.

Reality over politics

Slavery and the oppression of African people should not be a skeleton in America's closet - this is public record! You know what else is public record? The fight to end systemic injustice. Take some time to review the history and tenets of the Constitution (1776), The Bill of Rights (1791), the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments (1865, 1868, 1870), why we needed the Emancipation Proclamation (1863), a Civil War (1861-1865), and the Civil Rights Act (1964). (Also, note the Democratic Party is largely on the side of opposing freedom for ethnic minorities unless it aligns with their political agenda.)

The left's narrative that says black people haven't been liberated and elevated is a lie. On the contrary, America is the only nation on earth that's done the most to reform society and cleanse itself from racial discrimination. On the other hand, giving black people trophies for doing nothing is beneath their dignity and undermines their ability to compete and excel. Incentivizing victimhood is a psychological game that perpetuates a servant-master relationship between community members and elected officials. The left knows this...and they don't care.

Knowing all this we have a choice to make as a society. Will we continue allowing mainstream media and corrupt politicians to control our perceptions? Or will we subject our worldview to present realities and shut down false narratives? Biden's sensationalized approach to nominating a Justice is an obvious violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which expressly prohibits preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity, and gender in public or governmental spaces.

If Biden succeeds with his immoral and illegal plan to narrow the SCOTUS selection pool to one race and one gender, it will be a disservice to the black community and a disgrace to the United States of America.


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